Peter with burgundy jacket and blue shirt
SAG-AFTRA Union Actor
Ashley & Peter at performing at local fair
Anathema Priest
Peter standing (red jacket, white pullover,jeans,brown shoes)  
Gameshow Host
Walter Cronkite - Newsflash - SCAD Atlanta
Commercial Headshot Smiling Burgundy jacket light gray turtleneck



Business Negotiator
Capt. Smith of RMS Titanic for French TV Commercial
Peter Buitenhek as Santa Clause  
Snapped-Reality Murder Mystery
Biker- leather jacket,vest, chaps,boots  
PSA Commercial Shoot
Bearclaw from Donutshop Hero
Walter Cronkite
Professor, LMU Commercial
Business/College Presenter
MacGyver, S1-Ep17 2/24/17
Abby Wambach Olympic Gold Medalist (2x) Women's Soccer
Murder Comes to Town, S4-Ep2 3/11/17
Peter in a blue colored shirt<empty>
Sous Chef
TV Real Crime show Snapped
Inner City Boxing
PeterBuitenhek_small goatee
Lear Jet in Hibbing Minn airport
Scuba shot La Jolla Shores
Peter as Sean Connery
Peter with Lear in Carlsbad
Opa, Dutch for GrandPa
Peter burgundy jacket, blue shirt
27 Professional IMDb Acting Credits
HEIGHT: 6' - 3"
Film, Television, Print and Commercial Actor
WEIGHT: 250 lbs.
Polygraph Examiner
HAIR: Blond/some call it gray
Abby Wambach
Walter Cronkite Retirement
EYES: Blue
PSA-Depression Clip
Sevierville Tourism 2018
AGE RANGE: 55 - 75
SDCCU Commercial
 Covid Roller Coaster
Union Actor: SAG-AFTRA
Night Sights Movie Clip
Grandpa Clip  
  Ear Prompter capable
 Dramatic Clip
TalentTrek Agency of Knoxville - Juanelle & Charlotte
link to Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
San Diego Agent: Shamon Freitas Talent Agency
San Diego Manager: Camie Carpenter
link to Actors Access
Foresaken Son (Original title: Anathema)
Funeral Pastor, IMDb
d. Derek Vitatoe
Night Sights
CEO, Co-Star, IMDb
d. Matthew Thompson
What's Your Fantasy (short-48HFP)
Retiree, Co-Star, IMDb
d. Mike Brueggemeyer
Just a Man (short-48HFP)
Doctor, Co-Star, IMDb
d. Mike Brueggemeyer

The Heiress Lethal (2010 Cannes Film Entry-48HFP)

Heir, Co-Star, IMDb
d. Mike Brueggemeyer
Historians (short-48HFP)
Dad, Co-Star, IMDb
d. Mike Brueggemeyer
King Breaker
Financier, Co-Star, IMDb
d. Matt Snead
Crimson Victim, Co-Star, IMDb d. Matt Snead
Luck of the Draw (short)
Husband, Co-Star, IMDb
d. Ronn Kilby
Caravaggio & My Mother The Pope
Councilman, Co-Star, IMDb
d. Maureen Murphy
Donut Shop Hero
Owner, Co-Star, IMDb
d. Nick Harris/Charles Rhoads
Saint Valentine
Stock Broker, Under 5 , IMDb
d. Jeff Gardiner
The American Dream
Mob Boss, Co-Star
d. Dante
Dad, Co-Star
d. William Massung
Policeman, Co-Star
d. Iain Schlafer
Boss, Co-Star
d. Mauricio Perez
Little Lionel Little
Game Show Host, Co-Star
Sunward Films
8 Student Films
Various, Co-Star
Java Blues
Executive, Co-Star
d. Will Faeber
Western Music Video
Singing Cowboy, Co-Star
d. Will Faeber
Emergency Procedures
Doctor, Co-Star
Southern Gothic 2020, S1-E1, "The Sinner"
Earl, IMDb
d. Joanne Hock, Jupiter Entertainment, Oxygen
Murder Chose Me S3-E9, "Red Flags"
Angry Parent, IMDb
d. Jeffrey Wood, Jupiter Entertainment, IDHD
Snapped: S25-E06, "Lisa Jones-Orock"
Detective Kingston, IMDb
d. Robert Ivkovic, Jupiter Entertainment, Oxygen
Snapped: Betrayal S23-E15, "Dee Eggert"
Bob, IMDb
d. Robert Ivkovic, Jupiter Entertainment, Oxygen

Killer Couples S9-E9, "Vincent-Bowling"

Polygraph Examiner, IMDb
d. Chris Mitchell, Jupiter Entertainment, Oxygen
MCT S4-E10, "Dorothy Did Right"
Chief Blackmon, IMDb
d. Geoffrey Proud, Jupiter Entertainment, IDHD
MCT S4-E2, "Open Door Policy" Polygraph Examiner, IMDb d. Geoffrey Proud, Jupiter Entertainment, IDHD
Fatal Attraction S9-E18, "Bad Blood"
Medical Examiner, IMDb
d. Steve Miller, Jupiter Entertainment, IDHD
Jimmy Kimmel Live E9.60
Lotto Winner, Under 5, IMDb
Lore: Deadly Obsession
Mr. Griffin, Under 5, IMDb
Investigation Discovery Channel
Hitched or Ditched - San Diego
Wedding Guest, Under 5, IMDb
d. Mike Fleiss, CW Network
Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office
Manager, Under 5, IMDb
d. Gail Mancuso, Fox TV (Pilot)
The News
Manager, Under 5, IMDb
d. Mark Buckland, Disney (Pilot)
John from Cincinnati
Surfing Attorney, Under 5, IMDb
d. David Milch, HBO
MacGyver, S1-E17, "Ruler" Dutch Official d. Bobby Roth, TV Series-CBS
MacGyver S1-E5, "Toothpick" Train Passenger d. Antonio Negret, TV Series-CBS
Identity Football Coach, Guest Star NBC, Game Show
AJ Smith, San Diego Football Chargers GM AJ Smith Mighty 1090 Sport Radio
Money Square Japan Golfer/Spokesman Dentsu, Inc. Japan TV
Beach Goer, Featured Extra
d. Craig Brewer (Fox)
Monk ....Playoffs E713
Football Fan, Featured Extra
d. Randy Zizk, Universal TV
Patient, Featured Extra
d. A. Hemmingway, Warner Bros
Baseball Fan, Extra
d. David Goyer (HBO,ABC)
Dining Guest, Extra
d. Dennie Gordon, CBS TV
Saints & Sinners
Senator, Extra
d. Joe Coppoletta
20+ Variety Shows
Masonic Lodge San Diego #35
4500 Productions
Trial Judge, Under 5
d. Mike Brueggemeyer
AlertOne Medical
Heart Attack Victim
BulletProof Productions
Eclipse Portable O2
Sequal Technologies
Philips Hospital Products
Qualcomm i-Phone
Executive, Under 5
Multimedia Image Production
Attorney Live Event
Braun Film
Multiple Sclerosis
Team Member
Crooked River
PolyCom International (Live Event)
Executive and Teacher
Carat Brand
Phil Mickelson Golf
Golf Fan, Under 5
Swing Theory, Eleven Inc
Xcel Power
Doctor, Under 5
Shortcuts to Internet Millions
Rich, Under 5
Jeff Paul Productions
TeraData Corporate Video
Manager, Under 5
Multimedia Image Production
CEO, Under 5
Vistage Intl.
Wind on my skin
Runway Model
Live Mechanics
Thrill the World
Dance Team
d. Ines Markeljevic
TNT Promo, Abby Wambach,VitaminsUSA, SDCCU, Vibro-Massage Belt, PSA - Depression, Smart Salt, Profil Institute, Doritos Competition, AlertOne, Nike-San Diego Chargers-Pittsburgh Steelers (National),Ronco Products (National), Nike-San Diego Chargers-Chicago Bears (National), Toyota of Carlsbad (Regional)
SAGAFTRA Foundation Training/Audition
Nashville, TN
Jeanie Bacharach ("Nashville" TV Show CD)
Meisner On-Camera Training
Asheville, NC
NYS3 Meisner Conservatory
Acting Techniques for Cold Reading
San Diego, CA
Katt Shea, Director
On Camera Auditions
San Diego, CA
Cathy Reinking CSA
On Camera Film/TV/Commercials
San Diego, CA
D. Candis Paule CSA,(2)
Film/Commercial/TV Auditions
Los Angeles/San Diego
SAG & AFTRA (multiple)
On Camera Film/TV
San Diego, CA
W. Cowart (multiple)
Cold Reading
San Diego, CA
Sara Simmons (2)
On Camera Film/TV
San Diego, CA
W. Faeber (multiple)
On Camera Film/TV, Blocking & Marks
San Diego, CA
Tom Logan (3)
Voice Over Acting
San Diego, CA
J. Alburger
Peter is a business executive and also runs a small software company. He was born in Indonesia, raised in the Netherlands and moved to the United States in 1960. Peter has lived in: Alameda, CA, Penn Hills, PA and San Diego, CA. Peter and his wife, Kris, have been married for 48 years and currently reside in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Mr. Buitenhek has been: Director of Computer Artificial Intelligence at General Dynamics, a General Manager of a Network Cabling /Biometric Company, an airplane pilot & licensed A&P mechanic, Private Investigator, Football (women's professional)/Volleyball (high school junior girls)/Soccer/Baseball/Basketball Coach. Peter enjoys acting, sailing, golfing, boxing, karate and played several musical instruments: organ, piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, drums and owns a bagpipe (I dislike that %$*&^ thing and so do my neighbors).
GOLF NICKNAMES: Shankapotomus, Captain Hook, "Did you see where my ball went?".

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